Saturday, May 7, 2011

The best day I could have on three hours of sleep

I did not hold much hope for today.  Finn had a fussy night and I finally got him resettled around 4 am and fell back into bed looking forward to a few more hours of sleep and then Haven started whining/crying/yelling/complaining that her leg hurt, from her bed, loudly.  I was stuck because Finn just fell asleep and if I got up I might wake him, and screaming to her to be quiet from bed was out of the question too, so I waited her out.  She quieted down and I started to doze and then at 6 am Teagan started screaming, so I tried to wait her out since she will sometimes wake up and then resettle, but she kept at it so I went in and I met with one of the worst things a mother can find....a diaper on the floor.  Yes my darling Teagie had removed her diaper at some point and tossed it out of her crib and everything IN the crib was soaked in pee.  Joy. So I stripped Teagie and carried a naked baby girl and a fussing baby boy down the stairs, cleaned her up and dressed her and started a load of laundry.  It was 6:30 am.

Then Ryan came home and told me he was too tired to come strawberry picking with me.  I understand since that would be like me waking at 3 am and picking berries, but I was still really sad since he has been working so much and every Saturday the kids and I are out and about on our adventures.  Cried a few tears mostly due to my three hours of crap sleep the night before then sucked it up since I still had to get five kids out the door to swim.  My big girls were awesome helpers and made sandwiches for after swim and packed them in the cooler with drinks.  I got babies dressed and got myself ready to go and we walked out the door on time and made it to swim a few minutes early.  After the lesson we piled into the car and everyone ate their sandwiches on our way to the farm where we went and picked almost twenty pounds of berries.  Then we loaded back up since we had passed a farmers market on our way and wanted to check it out. Sadly the market closed at 1 and we missed it by a few minutes, but now we have a plan for after swim next week!  Kids were helpful when we got home, all the berries were hulled and washed and I made some yummy strawberry ice cream for the kids for dessert.  I am looking forward to canning the berries on Monday, we have been without homemade jam for too long!  The next round of berries will get picked Tuesday and will be dehydrated so we can store them for winter use.  They are delicious in oatmeal, granola bars, yogurt, muffins and pancakes.  Mmm, berries!

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