Monday, May 16, 2011

It took five kids

but I believe I may have run out of time for blogging daily!

We are just so busy here and about to get busier with all of the end of school events including Haven's fifth grade graduation...I am tearing up a bit thinking about it!

So...this weekend we began our Saturday the usual way with packing up for swim lessons.  Ryan decided to forgo sleep and come with us and the big kids were super excited that he came and saw how they were doing with swim.  After swim we hit the farmers market and loaded up on some of the early produce; onions, fennel, radishes and snow peas.  Then we grabbed subs for lunch and went to the very muddy farm where Ryan picked another flat of strawberries and we got some yummy sausages that we will eat for dinner tomorrow night. I also went back out after dinner with the two big girls to get Haven a new outfit for her birthday event the next day.

Sunday was the birthday event. Haven doesn't turn 11 until the 24th, but this was the only weekend her dad would be home to keep the other kids so we planned to have her mini celebration yesterday.  We will be having a big pool party for the three older kids in June since they all have summer birthdays, but we try to do something small for their "real" birthdays too. So yesterday I took Haven, Brittan and two of Haven's friends to see Prom at the new movie theater just south of us.  My rules for the girls were: 1. Pick any candy you want.  2. Pick any drink you want  3. We will be getting a large popcorn to share.  4.  Have fun!  They had a great time.  The movie was cute...a little long for me, but the girls enjoyed.  They had so much fun driving home in the car, chatting and singing to the radio.  We even hit traffic so it took longer getting home and they seemed happier that they were stuck together in the car!  I do have to say, four tween girls can be LOUD!  It was nice though, they were so good, they were adorable in their cit chat and it gave me a glimpse of what it will be like as my girls get bigger and we can do more things like this together.

Today is paint the bathroom day, yes that bathroom, still not done.  BUT we are so so close!  Just paint and the new vanity and we are done!

Life is good.

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