Thursday, May 26, 2011

It will all get done...someday

One of the things I am working hard on is patience with chores, tasks, heck, just about everything!  Everything takes longer than I want, expect and hope.  Our schedules stink, especially this week with Ryan doing training during the days  and then working at night, poor guy is exhausted!  The kid's schedules are busy with the end of school coming, we have activities to do and there are loads of tasks that need to be done and even more "little things" that crop up each day that make getting those tasks done even harder.  Right now I am hoping Ryan takes tomorrow night off so he can catch up on sleep tomorrow night and most of the day Saturday while the kids and I are at swim, the farm, etc. and then be able to help us get things done Sunday/Monday.

For me, patience is difficult.  I want to do what I want to do now.  When there is a task, I want it done and over with.  If there is a mess, I want it cleaned up.  With a bigger family, it just doesn't happen that way, it takes time, lots of time, with many stops and starts, to accomplish even the smallest tasks.  I am trying hard to prioritize, to move through my anxieties and emotions and figure out how to make a new plan on the fly, a huge issue for me.  I am getting there, it is slow going, but I am.  I have big plans for the summer, I plan to work on big tasks in the house two days a week, and one day a week do a deep clean of the downstairs.  My big girls were looking to earn some cash this summer, so they will do some "babysitting" for me so I can dedicate a larger chunk of time to tasks.  I believe they should help out some with watching the babies, usually I ask them to do it when I need to grab a shower, make dinner, or when the whole family is cleaning the house and we trade off who is on baby duty, but having them watch the littles for a couple hours goes above and beyond what I expect from them as members of the family and they will be able to earn a little cash for helping.  Those few hours a week will mean I can attack a room at a time, and hopefully by the end of summer we will have purged, cleaned, reorganized and gotten all the tasks done, although it will still take much longer than I would hope!

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