Friday, November 4, 2011

I lied

OK, I meant to post more but I really have been busy...sorry to the one person who checks in here :)

So anyway, kids had a great Halloween.  I wasn't home since I teach that night but they looked super cute and they came home with a load of candy, so I call that a success.

I am almost 2/3 of the way through my Christmas shopping for the Fab Five.  I cannot express how happy that makes me.  Having all of the "stuff" tucked away early allows me to actually enjoy the holiday season, so by the end of this month I want each and every item off my list.

We are still waiting for Finn's test results and I am all out of patience.  It has been 7 weeks today and I just want to know what the findings are.  We talked to the genetics counselor and she told us to be prepared for more testing after this round, so we may have more waiting in our future.  Of course, being proactively crazy, I used these last 7 weeks to obsessively research the conditions they are testing for.  The hard part is that the best case scenario is his current heart condition and eventual surgery, his low muscle tone (which will mean various therapies in the future) and a high likelihood of his lungs being impacted and him suffering early emphysema.  This is the good outcome, so you can only guess what the worst case scenario is.  I am focusing on the here and now.  Now he is a smily, happy, easy going baby.  Now he is meeting most milestones on time or only slightly behind.  Now he lights up when any of us walk in the room.  Now he seems healthy and he is growing well.  Now is what matters.  However....should his results come back less than desirable I plan to sell our house ASAP for whatever we can get and move to the country where we can totally focus on family and not have our crazy work schedules.  Just saying, I have one foot out the door because I will not waste one more second on the trivial should something really be wrong.

OK, that is all I can spew today, off to play with my littles!

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