Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting in the holiday spirit

So we are gearing up for the holidays around here.  I already set out the outside decorations and just need one more thing and then we will have everything set to go the day after Thanksgiving.  I have made three kinds of Christmas cookies which are tucked inside the back deep freeze and will make at least three more kinds this weekend.  I usually make 6-9 kinds ahead and then have about 3 that I need to make the week of Christmas as they don't freeze well.  Most years we average a dozen kinds of cookies, which may seem crazy but every time I try to pare it down, someone remembers a favorite that I have to make and I hate to disappoint them. I don't mind making the cookies, while it can be a lot of work, I love the traditions we are keeping alive.  My mom always made a bunch of cookies, and I remember helping her in the kitchen and loving being a part of it all.  Now that my girls are getting older, they are helping out too and they get so happy when I call them in, assign them their task and they get to tell everyone that they helped make the yummy cookie they are eating :)

This week we have a million things going on, but the end of the week will be great with Thanksgiving at my sister's house and then a quiet Friday here at home with the family.  Then Saturday and Sunday we will rake the backyard, a HUGE undertaking, but the three big kids can help and hopefully it will all get done.

Now I need to get back to my busy day.  Babies are napping and so is the hubby who is working tonight to help out a coworker (overlapping with my teaching at PT school, THAT will be interesting!) and I still need to finish making the chicken and wild rice soup for tonight and some biscuits to go with it.  Oh and the bathroom needs cleaning, just being honest :)

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