Saturday, March 20, 2010

A very full life

This has been an interesting week, one where all of my duties pulled me in every direction possible.

My comp exams are due tomorrow at midnight. I am in editing stage now, and think I did a good job, however you really never know until you find out if you passed or failed. It will be a long two week wait around here, but I really did my best and think I am ready to move forward with my I just need the professors grading my exam to think so too!

The kids and I played hooky Friday, and it was a much needed break! We went into DC with the Fallons and enjoyed the spring day. Aside from some issues with listening from Grayson, which seems to be a new thing we have going on, the day was really fun and exhausting all rolled into one! I promised the kiddos that we will go into DC again during their spring break, and they were very happy to hear that.

Today we had to get up and at 'em early because Brittan (7) had her first race! She was running in a one mile kids race and she did great. I have been "encouraging" her to try these races since she likes to run and is pretty good at it. Plus, if you know my Britty, you know that she is quiet little thing and is not into team sports. Running for her seems to be a good fit, and she had fun today and said she wants to do it again!

Thankfully the beautiful spring weather is helping me hold onto my sanity as the end of a frantic week approaches. I am looking forward to next week, since it has been two weeks since I had my "normal" schedule, and my messy house proves it :)

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