Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shedding tears and the rules

Oh my it has been a hard week. My comp exams are kicking my rear, BUT I am more than 2/3 of the way through and by tonight I should only have three or four pages left to write tomorrow. The exam is due Sunday at midnight, so finishing up tomorrow will give me plenty of time to edit and make sure my APA style is perfect.

The kicker is...I only need to get a 3 out of 5 average on the rubric they designed. That is only a 60%! I have not gotten a 60% on anything since, well, my days at Clemson! My problem is I am trying to make it perfect. Make the APA perfect. The content perfect. Everyone keeps saying to stop stressing, I write well, etc, but for me, I cannot do it unless I strive for perfection. Then the flip side of the fear is, what if I strive for perfect and I don't pass? Then what do I do?

Did I mention that since I came home from my trip, my baby is a giant pain in the rear when it comes to sleep. She naps great in her pack and play and we never set up her crib since we were doing so well....but that is rapidly changing! Now all night long, if she is in bed with me, she is pinching me, flailing and trying to nurse....not good. If I move her away or in her bassinet, she WAILS for HOURS. Last night I was on the phone with Ry at 3 am just balling because I was so so tired and she was just screaming! Finally she went to sleep and slept great in the bassinet, but seriously it was a trial and I am so tired today while trying to write the exam.
Needless to say, Ry is off Monday and the crib is going up in her room...I am over the all night pinch battles.

Of course while in the midst of comps, and with a load of work, the only logical thing to do is to let the kids play hooky tomorrow and take them downtown to the museum. Yep, the weather is going to be warm and sunny and a good friend was talking about doing the same thing, so I decided we needed a mental health day. All four kids and I will be heading into DC to a museum and to ride the carousel and to enjoy the beautiful day. Those last three or four pages will just need to wait until I get home from having fun with my kids.

Off to write more using big ole fancy words :)

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