Saturday, March 27, 2010


I joke with my husband regularly, usually when he is tickling me or trying to rough house with me and I yell at him "I am a DELICATE FLOWER" of if I really want to get my point across, "I am a DAMN DELICATE FLOWER" It usually makes him laugh, because most people would not think of me as delicate in the slightest, plus I think he thinks it is funny that I scream this with my hands on my hips ala Eloise. Physically, I am well...sturdy, I bear children well :) I juggle a lot, handle a lot of stress and manage work and kids fairly well. I would guess that anyone who met me once or a hundred times would not use the word "delicate" to describe me. But see, I am delicate. I am driven by emotion, everything I do is based on emotion, and that leaves me open and raw. I get my feelings hurt easily, I get taken advantage of and I believe that people will choose to do the right thing, not the easy thing. I care, a lot, about the people in my life, and when things go awry, that delicate flower gets hurt.

Is it my fault? Probably. I should have a thicker skin, I should demand better for myself. I should be harder on others and less accommodating, but then I wouldn't be me. I am happy with who I am . I am happy with assuming the good in people and trusting and being willing to do for everyone else before myself, that is who I am, and I am ok with it. Just remember that those "got it together" women may be delicate on the inside, and remember that they have feelings too.

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