Sunday, November 29, 2009

My apologies to the UPS man

Seriously, he will be here every day for the next week, maybe even more than once a day

At present (haha), I am waiting on shipments from:
1. Old Navy
2. Lands End
3. Best Buy
4. Wal-mart
5. Amazon
6. another Amazon shipment (wait there will be more coming)
7. Etsy
8. Diaper Junction (this is just dipes for the baby-she is outgrowing some of hers)
9. My school store (free sweatshirt, small perk)

Seriously, that is a lot of shipments!

I still need to go to Justice, order a few more things from Amazon and some things from eToys plus pick up some Site to Store at Wal-mart. Such is holiday shopping with many kids, if all goes well, I will only purchase gifts at Justice and a few stocking stuffers actually IN a store.

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