Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Will they, won't they

My inlaws make me crazy, seriously. When other people complain about their inlaws I am actually jealous since the relationship is so much better than the one we have with Ryan's parents. No joke, they are the WORST parents and grandparents ever, how Ryan turned out the way he did, and is such an amazing father, is beyond me.

Here is the situation. His father is supposed to come visit this weekend, to see Teagan, you know, the FOUR month old! He hasn't see the other kids in a year and a half and only saw them for a few hours that time. He hasn't been to our house in nearly three years. Did we have a falling our? Do we not get along? One would think so, but no, he is just a selfish ass. You may think he lives overseas or at the very least, across the country. Nope, he is in NY, a mere 7 hour drive or 45 minute flight.

Anyway, he has been telling us he is coming since the baby was born. In fact, he was supposed to come two weeks after she was born. Didn't happen. Supposed to come in September, didn't come. Now they were supposed to come this weekend, and now they are not sure they are coming because Ryan's nearly 30 year old brother may not be able to get off work...seriously!

I am so tired of the way they treat my husband. He is such a great guy and they are losing out on a relationship with him and our fantastic kids...not to mention the wonderful wife :)


Casey said...

I sense your frustration but I just have to say, I don't think a 7 hour drive is insigificant. We live 4 hours away from my family and we get up there 3-4 times a year and maybe, just maybe, someone will come down here for a visit. I can't imagine having to travel 7 hours. That said though - fi it was to sees a new grandchild? I'd be there in a heartbeat. :) That's the part I don't get - it's not the distance (because I think it's a lot) but the who you will see on the other end - and to me, grandchildren would be worth it at least twice a year. :)

I'm sorry they frustrate you so much. :(

Tribe Mama said...

Hey Casey,
I don't think 7 hours is insignificant, but he is an adult, with no health issues, who owns his own company. He hasn't been here in nearly three years to see his only grandchildren. The flight is 45 minutes and lands right by Ryan's office, so it is easy for him to fly, and the cost is under 100 bucks roundtrip! My parents live 7 hours away and are here at least 8 times a year, but that is the other end of the extreme :)