Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let the craziness begin!

This week is the kick off to holiday craziness. Some of the upcoming events are wonderful, special and important, other more mundane but necessary.

This week we will be running around like mad! Monday isn't too bad, Tuesday I have to run a work call, Wednesday will be a juggling act with early release, conferences and work, Thursday I have two work calls and the baby has a check up and Friday I work and Ryan's family is coming. Ry's dad, brother's and his brother's girlfriend are finally coming to meet Teagan. Being that his Dad hasn't been here in over 2 years, almost 3, we are a bit shocked they are coming at all! I need to somehow get the house in order this week, but since it is the hubby's family, I know he will be happy to help!

Next week we have Thanksgiving and my sister and her crew are coming to celebrate with us. The day after, my family is going into DC to see an exhibit at one of the Smithsonian's and if all goes well, we may even go to the drive through light show on the way home. That Saturday, we will get the tree and I will decorate the house for Christmas.

The next weekend my parents are coming because my niece is playing Clara in her dance school's nutcracker performance. My kids and I (Ry has to work) will head there with my parents to celebrate with Jessica, we are SO excited!

The weekend after that is an event at the kid's school and Haven will be performing!

The last big event before Christmas will be on Christmas Eve, which is also Ryan's birthday. We are hoping to go to The National Harbor to see the water skiing Santa and then we will take Daddy out to dinner!

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