Saturday, November 14, 2009

A morning out

We decided last night that we would all get up and go out to breakfast this morning. Normally my kids wake up around 7:30 and need to eat right then because they are STARVING!! Waiting to go out would be a challenge especially since their father is not known for moving quickly in the a.m.

Well Grayson, Teagan and I were up around 7 and I ran through a shower while Britt was waking up. Then Ryan got ready and we were on our way. The kids were really excited and really hungry, but they were so well behaved. It makes the outing so wonderful when they are good.

There was this really nice old man sitting behind us who kept complementing the children saying they were so well behaved and beautiful. He then went on to tell me that his grandmother had 14 kids and his mother had 7 and that big families are so great, etc. He gave us some butterscotch hard candies for the kids and left saying more gorgeous things about the kiddos. I have to say, it filled my heart that that gentleman commented so kindly about my children and that my children behaved in such a respectful way when we were out. Small glimmers that all the hard work we do as parents is worth it!

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