Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Stylin' Mama

Style is a funny thing. When I was younger I never wore dresses or skirts unless forced to...literally in elementary school my mom MADE me wear a dress or skirt every Thursday!

As I grew up, had kids and my "mom" style began to evolve I learned one thing...i LOVE skirts! I wear those long hippie skirts almost daily. They make me feel feminine, and dressed and comfy. They are climate controlled as i can always hike them up as needed. They flow well and swoosh and generally make me one happy mama.

For me, the ability to pull on a skirt, put my still very long hair into a pony and run out into the world makes me like I am put together. I don't wear my skirts because I am old fashioned or feel I am "supposed" to, I wear them because they are so freeing and comfortable.

My goal is to learn to sew my own skirts. I have a few favorites that are the perfect length and have a skirt that is just the right fullness. I would love to be able to mimic this style and learn to sew them myself. I am hoping to go to the fabric store in a few weeks and get some material. I want to make matching skirts for the big girls and I and once I master that, I may even try a dress for Teagan :)

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