Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It has been a crazy week.

Finn had his appointment and the cardio saw the same defects.  Right now we are hopeful that the pulmonary stenosis will clear up and we are watching the aortic issues.  Finn will go back in three months to be checked again.  The aortic stuff will never resolve on it's own, but it could be minor enough to avoid surgery, only time will tell.

Later the same day was Haven's Fifth Grade graduation ceremony.  We came home, kids came home and I ran errands and was on my way back to get the family to go out to dinner before the ceremony when Ryan told me he was not feeling well-did I mention Gray was picked up early from school with a rash?  Ryan got blasted with this horrific virus that is still making it's way through our family...fever, chills, weird rash, yuck.  So I took the kids out to dinner, then to the ceremony alone.  It was from 7-9 pm.  I had both babies.  I missed most of it :(  I did see Haven get every award she won including the Presidential Academic Achievement Award (YEAH HAVEN!!!). 

Thursday the kid's had a half day and I was trying to get us ready for our trip to NH the next day but the school kept calling saying Haven wasn't feeling well but had no fever.  She came home, went to bed and was up in the middle of the night with the same virus.  This was especially fun since we were leaving around 5 am and I did not go to bed until after 1 and then fed Finn at least once before getting up at 4 am.  Somehow we got on the road, Haven was feeling OK and we drove the 12(!) hours to the hotel in MA.  The next day we met up with my family at my cousin's house for Tim's party and before we left to go to the graduation, Britt started looking rough and complaining of a headache so I gave her Motrin.  Ryan was a half hour away at the hotel with the babies and Gray (they left early) so my parents and I decided to drive her there before the graduation but as we got there she decided she felt well enough to go...sigh.  Went to graduation and as we left Britt started complaining about her stomach and head, note she is a puker when she gets a fever, so we spent a little time standing on the side of the road willing her to keep the Motrin  down.  She did, fever came down enough that she stopped feeling like she was going to be sick and we made it back to the hotel.  She had a rough night with the fever, but we decided the next day that we would try to go to the Aquarium with the rest of my family.  They were taking public transit, but being we had a sick kid, we decided driving would be best just in case she started feeling badly again...BIG mistake.  Apparently Boston has no parking garages that have a clearance over 6'6" and our van needs 7'2".  Hell, my Trailblazer wouldn't have fit in 6'6"!  So after 45 minutes of driving around, I was in tears, the kids were a wreck and the hubby and I were less than civilized with each other. 

We called and told the family we were leaving the city, kids were wailing and somehow we got sort of lost in the outskirts of Boston..BUT it turned out to be a good thing.  While we were lost I saw a little blue sign for a zoo.  Looked it up on my phone and within minutes we were there.  The zoo was perfect, not too big but it had plenty for us to do, petting area, place to feed the budgies, lions, white tigers, gorillas, etc.  The weather was great and the kids had a blast.  I am so thankful we found that zoo, the day was a disaster but that little zoo turned it all around.

We are home now. My big girls left this morning with my parents to go to NC and it is quiet.  Finn has the virus with the fever and rash, Britt still had the rash as she left and Teagan is still rashy. I am really hoping this bug passes soon since Gray, Teagan, Finn and I lave Sunday to meet up with the girls in NC.

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