Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Great news

Over the weekend I managed to get myself very nervous about Finn's upcoming x-ray.  While I knew that the worst case was slings or casts for a number of months, it made me so sad that my sweet happy boy who LOVES to kick his legs might be immobilized.  In the scheme of things, minor, but to the mama, scary.

Monday I got going once the big kids left for school and took Finn for the x-ray and he obliged and was his normal sweet and happy self.  After that, went and grabbed Ryan and Teagan so we could drop the new van off for service.  When we bought it, the heat wasn't working and there were a few dings in the windshield that we wanted fixed, we also needed a seat belt replaced because it had a tear in it and one of the key fobs key ring was broken so they were going to get a new one.  It sounds like a lot, but really they were small things aside from the heat, but since we have a warranty, we want it as close to perfect as possible.  Dropped the van off, grabbed lunch then came home to get stuff done around the house.

Today Haven had an appointment with her neurologist and we were riding up with a friend since her little girl was being seen too and the neuro is far away.  Appointment went well, neuro told Haven she needs to eat more and gain more weight since her meds impact her appetite, and then told us that we were going to take her off her seizure med this summer and do an EEG to see if she outgrew the epilepsy.  This is big for us. She was diagnosed almost three years ago and she is a different kid now.  She will still need her meds for ADD, she is a kid that had so many struggles the ADD meds help her stay focused, but the seizure meds are serious stuff and we would love to get rid of those nasty seizures and the meds!  So one night very soon, Haven will be staying up all night partying with her dad eating ice cream, drinking coffee and soda and having a grand time.  The next day I will take my very tired girl to Children's Hospital for an EEG where they will try to induce a seizure and will have her sleep for a bit to make sure she isn't having seizures in her sleep, which are the most dangerous and deadly kind.  I am hoping that the EEG will show no seizure activity, but only time will tell.  Haven is such a different kid now than when she was diagnosed, she was behind academically, she was really bizarre to talk to, she was unpredictable and honestly, it was like talking to someone with severe mental issues.  Poor kid was confused all the time from the seizures and she missed out on so much information and struggled and worked hard to get where she is now.  That kid, that kid who at 8 could not read and was way behind in school just took the test to jump grade levels in math for next year.  Depending on the results, she could be in the advanced 7th grade class instead of her 6th grade class or the advanced 6th grade class...that is huge for her and she worked her rear off this year in her math enrichment class to get to the point where she could take this test.  Add to that, she reads multiple grade levels ahead and she is a whiz at science and history.  She struggled with writing for a long while, but she is now at or above grade level for writing too.  She amazes me :)

So a couple of days of good news and I am anxiously waiting for the school year to come to and end :)

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