Thursday, June 9, 2011

When you are an adult

birthdays are rarely about you anymore.  Today was my birthday, but really it was supposed to be like any other day and I wish it had been.  We got up and I shuffled the big kids off to school.  Hubby came home and brought me breakfast and then after getting some work done I decided to hop in the (loaner) van and take the babies out to get a water table and baby pool and to make the farm run.  I got to the toy store, got what we came for plus a bunch and then quickly realized as we approached the register that I left my debit card at home.  Thankfully I was using gift cards for the pool and water table, but I think I should have headed home then.  Trip to the farm was uneventful and on my way home Teagan had just fallen asleep as we approached Sonic so I decided to stop and get a cherry slush, but then the Sonic lady was just way too loud and peppy and she woke Teag up and I lost my slushie to the tyrant in the back seat.  That seemed like it would be the worst of it, that I would come home and lug stuff inside, deal with a crabby toddler and maybe take the big kids out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and avoid cooking but it changed fast.

Not far from the house Finn started fussing as babies do, nothing major, just whining a bit but as we pulled in he was quiet again.  I went to Teagan's side of the van and as I started to unbuckle her I saw Finn and could see something was wrong.  He was sitting normal but his face was sagging, his mouth hanging open and his eyes fixed and open.  I began calling his name and shaking his seat as I got Teagan out and he did not respond.  Got her out and ran to his side of the van, grabbed his cheeks and started yelling his name and moving his face and then finally he fixed his eyes on me and focused.  I ran the babies inside and sat with Finn and he was back to his old self, kicking and smiling if I even glanced his way, but I was still freaked out since he was so out of it in the car and I was worried.  Woke Ryan and told him I though Finn had a seizure, explained what happened and then called the ped who said take him to the ER.  Since we have a Pediatric Neurologist for Haven, I called her and she said to see if the ped could see him since the ER would not be prepared and they knew him better.  So we went to the ped and they determined his heart murmur was much louder and we needed the echocardiogram as soon as possible.  They also tested his blood sugar and found it was low, around 54, even though it had been barely 2 hours since he ate.  I fed him there and his blood sugar got to 72, still not great.

Tomorrow we will take him for the echo and bloodwork.  They are thinking he had a seizure due to low blood sugar, but we are not sure why he had low blood sugar.  Hopefully the tests tomorrow will help.  I love my little guy and I hope to never see him in the state he was today.

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Casey said...

Oh my gosh!!! This is terrifying!!! I am holding you both in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know how tomorrow goes.

Love to you!!