Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming up for air

It has been a crazy few days!  Saturday the kiddos and I made our last trip to swimming and the farm in the old Trailblazer, then home for baby naps and when they woke up and Ryan was up we headed out to fill our bellies at Red Robin.  Once appropriately stuffed, we headed to the car lot and a mere 4 hours later (eek!) we rolled out in our big new 12 passenger van aka The Beast. I was very excited that we got way more for the Trailblazer then I expected and I was able to add a 100K warranty on to the existing warranty so we are covered for a long, long time.  I have to say, I knew we needed it, I knew it would be a good choice for the kids and trips and such, but holy freakin' cow, I LOVE the new van.  First, I am like 100 feet above the other cars and SUVs and it makes me feel very safe.  Next, the kids have a ton of room, I am able to put the carseats for the babies each in their own rows, in the center using the LATCH system and I know they are in the safest place they can be.  The big kids enjoy having some choice in where they sit and not having to sit next to whichever sibling is being the most annoying that day.  Before we went to see the van, I was sure that we would need to take out the last row that seats 4 before any trips, but after a few runs to the grocery store and some loading and unloading of cargo, I think we will be a-ok traveling with all the seats as they are :)

Monday we enjoyed a family Memorial Day of throwing out a ton of crap from the playroom.  Tis the season of purge in our home and I am going room by room, getting rid of the junk that accumulated the last two years I have been too tired and too pregnant to deal with it and deep cleaning and organizing each space.  Most of the playroom is done, I just need to do a few more boxes this weekend and organize the craft closet and it is good to go.  We are still waiting to get the new carpet, but with all the junk out, it will be much easier to install.  After purging, and showering, we were off to a neighbors 1st birthday party which was so much fun for the whole crew and as always it was fun to see other grownups, get the biggies out of our hair as they played with friends and watch the babies being cute together.

Yesterday was a cleaning day again, laundry, the rest of the playroom organizing and work.  Nothing too exciting, but generally a good day.

Today the hubby had jury duty.  He arrived when ordered, sat and answered questions and then was sent home.  Even though he wasn't chosen for the jury, they still paid him 30 bucks, so thanks for the cash county court, it bought us lunch today :)  We then loaded up a friend and her daughter in The Beast and headed to the farm, then home again jiggity jig to work, do dinner, showers, etc. 

Tomorrow Ryan has an interview so he needs to leave here bright and early, and I have big plans to clean and lay around with the babies :)

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