Thursday, June 23, 2011

The scariest thing about having all five kids home all summer

is lunch.  Seriously.  Breakfast is a breeze, for the most part they can get their own food and even help Teagan out sometimes.  Plus they are all still quiet and sleepy so they are not demanding.  Dinner is also easy for the most part since they get what I make, no choices, no options.  Oh but lunch, I HATE lunch.  They all want something different, one wants grilled cheese, another a salad, this one a sandwich and a fourth leftovers.  It is a major production, there is always a huge mess and I am always frustrated since it tends to run into nap time for the babies aka my down time during the day to do all the other chores.

So this summer I am taking a cue from the school....we will have a lunch menu.  I am brainstorming lunch ideas and making a list and then the kids will be able to add their ideas to the list as well.  We will plan a week or two in advance and put the chosen meals on the calendar which will help me make sure we have what we need and the kids will be able to look at the calendar and know what is for lunch.  Just like at school, there will always be a second choice of PB&J and yogurt...they can make that themselves.  Some lunch choices are simple like quesadillas, turkey sammies with fruit, etc. and some are fancier like Buffalo Chicken Sliders or Personal Pizzas.  I plan to have two fancy choices a week, four easier options a week and one free for all a week on a day their dad is off :)

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