Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stopping to breathe

The best part about having a big, busy, loud and demanding brood is that you rarely have time to sit, ponder and worry.  But sadly, night always comes and those sweet distractions go to bed and you are left alone with all those thoughts and Google...Google should be executed.  Personally I think the internet should have an off switch for parents who are stressed or worried about their kids because the three am "research" sessions are never a good idea.

Finn's blood work came back OK, a little anemic and his white blood cell count was a bit low, nothing to be concerned about.  This makes me a bit relieved as we don't think anything metabolic is going on, but we still don't know what caused his "episode" and why he isn't gaining enough weight.  This brings me back to his heart and worries me since failure to thrive can go along with heart issues as can passing out and if that is what is happening, we are dealing with a pretty significant defect.

I am holding out hope that we will see the doctor on Wednesday and that they will tell me what is wrong and that it is non-surgical and that the "episode" was not heart related and just a fluke.  Taking any and all prayers and positive thoughts, especially in the dark and quiet of night.

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