Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well I have not blogged in nearly 2 months because I just could not wrap my head around everything that has been going on.

First off, the kids are great.  Teagan is in preschool and loving it, the three big kids are all doing well in school and I am enjoying the moments of having my sweet Finn all to myself.

Finn is doing well.  He is still not talking much and will stay in speech for a long while I presume.  He saw cardio and got good news, saw genetics and they were pleased with his progress, saw gastro and they put him on a daily regime to minimize issues with the diastasis recti and he saw the ENT who feels his tonsils and adenoids need to be removed, so we are working on getting that scheduled with Children's since it will be inpatient.  He is also becoming very "2" which means he is into everything and pushing boundaries and all the other things he should be doing :)

Ryan was offered a new position a few weeks ago, a promotion he deserves and wants, but it will require us to move to North Carolina.  He of course said he wanted the job, and we are waiting to see when it will all come to pass since the new manager needs to negotiate with his current manager to steal him.  We are all trying to come to terms with the move, parts are really exciting, but others are really hard.  I am trying to look at it as a new adventure and the kids are getting a little excited, well some of the kids.

We have all been sick the last few weeks, just a wicked cold or virus that is lingering. It wouldn't have been a big issue, but we had to prep for the hurricane that thankfully did not cause any damage here but devastated so many of our friends homes and lives back in NY/NJ.  Then the following week Ryan was sick, the babies were sick, Brittan was sick and I finally got the bug and lost my voice.  Normally I would have just rested and tried to get better, but I was three days away from my final defense!

Somehow while sick and not sleeping I got all the edits done on my dissertation and prepared for my defense, and last Wednesday I defended and passed.  It is official, I am Dr. Kelley.

So that is where we have been.  Now I am trying to shake off the rest of this illness and do all the neglected chores that I have pushed to the side the last few weeks while focusing on the dissertation.  The best part is, in about 3 1/2 weeks I will be off from both schools for almost a full month.  A full month of being with the family, celebrating the holidays and just taking a much needed break.

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