Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Plague

Well I planned, and cleaned, and cooked and prepped and finally Wednesday came, the day before Thanksgiving and I just finished it all and we were waiting for my parents to arrive in about 2 hours.  The house was ready, the cooking was all ready and I had it done so that all I had to do Thursday was wake up, put the turkey in the oven and warm the sides.  I had achieved it, the perfect Thanksgiving for a mom, one where I would actually get to sit down, watch the parade, and enjoy the day.

Then it happened.  Haven threw up.  I kind of stood there in shock, but she assured me she wasn't sick, she just had some reflux because she put way way way too much cinnamon on her oatmeal.  I didn't really believe her, but she looked OK and said she felt better and so I settled back and chatted with the husband about having to just bake the pumpkin pies and make the brine for the turkey.  My parents walked in the house two hours later, and as they crossed the threshold.....she threw up again.  This time we knew....she was sick.  Crap!!!

Haven was sick most of the night, and I got a double blessing of a fever due to a sinus infection I have been ignoring.  Thursday morning came and Haven looked pretty good and no one else had gone down.  I felt behind the game all day and I was stressing about who would get sick next, because lets face it, no way only one of the five would get sick.  Finn got sick that day, not vomiting but really unpleasant diapers, lots of them, and they were the down to the socks type awful (all parents can relate to this).  We made it through the day, everyone went to bed and the hubby and I tried to relax, but we still knew we were not out of the woods.

Friday came and we got moving.  We all looked pretty good, everyone seemed OK, it was looking up! We all went out for pizza, then to the park and then my parents took the tree older kids to the movies.  We brought the babies home, Finn gifted us with some more horrible diaper incidents, but we were starting to breath easier.  Big kids came home and Brittan walked in the door, into the living room, said her stomach hurt, walked into the bathroom and threw up.  My wise parents then turned and left, they never even got their coats off.  Four hours later, while still juggling a sick Britt, down went Gray.  At that moment, we all turned to look at Teagan, since at this point she was the only one who had not gotten sick yet and we just stared.  Poor Gray was sick all night, and yesterday Haven, the babies and I kind of huddled downstairs while the other two healed upstairs.  I disinfected the entire house last night and went to bed....waiting...waiting....waiting.

Morning came and everyone looked fine.  Everyone was eating and happy and so far today everything has gone well.  I will still be waiting, until Tuesday, and if by then Teagan is still not sick I will say this virus has gone...but until then, I am still waiting on the Thanksgiving Plague to take my youngest girl down.

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