Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mental prep

So with the upcoming move, we are busy preparing.  Right now we are preparing this house to be sold by finishing some tasks, cleaning, organizing, purging and packing what is not needed.  We are also busy preparing for the holidays, so sometimes it seems counterintuitive!

We are also preparing mentally.  Some kids are not thrilled about the move, so we talk a lot about all the positive things, what we can look forward to and how we can still keep in touch with our friends here.

For me the stress and worry is different.  I worry about keeping this house in order to sell it, and buying a house that fits everyone's needs.  I worry about schools, and kid's friends, and finding a place we all fit.  I worry about what we will need to give up, and I worry about needing to find a new place to get milk, eggs, meat, produce, etc since that is a big part of our lifestyle.

So many things to think about, excitement and reluctance all rolled into one.  This will be an interesting year!

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