Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates and Big Plans

So, we followed up with the oncologist yesterday and all his tests came back normal.  We are frustrated that he still feels badly and he is getting the hives, but so thankful that it does not seem to be something serious.  He has been at school all week except yesterday and he seems to be feeling a bit better, so I think we will step back and see how he does and then follow up with the specialists the oncologist recommended.

We have had a mad week.  The husband is finally working on the bathroom he began demolishing over 2 years ago.  I am happy we are moving forward, but frustrated that more has not been done.  It is pure torture to look at the beautiful tile and paint sitting in my room while the bathroom is still a wreck.  Trying to breath and not lose my mind over the bathroom.

My kids have been wild animals lately.  Our schedules are a off with me on Spring Break from PT school and the hubby off this week to work on the bathroom.  After school and the evenings has been pure chaos and it is overwhelming.  Dinner has been late every week, chores are not getting done and the volume and activity level is overbearing.  We need to reign this is ASAP since when this happens it tends to grow and get worse unless we work to get everything back under control and on track.

In an effort to start the days off better, I am going to set my alarm for 5:30 am tomorrow, YIKES!  My oldest daughter gets up early, around 5:45 since she likes the quiet and I usually get up around 6:30 with Brittan and Finn.  By the time I get downstairs, the breakfast craziness is underway, some kids have already messed up my kitchen and I usually cannot even get to my coffee maker to start coffee.  I am setting my alarm and setting up the timer on my coffee maker, I am getting coffee tomorrow morning before 9 am dammit!

OK, off to bed since the crack of dawn is calling my name!

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