Friday, March 9, 2012

The longest day

Today was long.  Achingly long.

We took Gray to see the oncologist at Children's today.  She asked lots of questions and examined him and believes that his current issues are most likely not related to any form of cancer.  She took a load more blood from my boy and is testing for a million and one things to rule out cancer and try to get us some leads on what is causing his health issues.  We also had to go to the local hospital for xrays of his chest and spine, again to rule out anything cancer related and will follow up with them next week.   The sense of relief we felt from hearing from the oncologist that she did not believe there to be any malignancy is indescribable, and we are just waiting for all the results to come in so we can finally fully exhale.

The visit to the doctor and the hospital took a long, long time, and then we got trapped in Friday traffic, so I managed to walk in the door about five minutes before I need to leave again to take Haven to the school for her MS Talent Show.  The show was great, the kids were amazing, and my goofball kid was funny in her skit she put on with a friend.  The best part of all was walking in to see people we know, seeing Britt run to see her friends and to witness the great support that the kids at our schools give to one another, and that the parents give as well.  It may have taken 8 years, and I may have gone kicking and screaming, but we love our community here and it is our home.  We have friends here.  We have support here.  We have schools that know and love our kids, and that our kids love attending.  I am thankful for the opportunities they have here, and that they feel this is their home.  Today was long, exhausting and emotional, but the love and support of our friends near and far made it so much easier.  Long day, hard day, wonderful day.

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