Saturday, March 31, 2012


I do believe this has been the longest I have ever gone without posting.  It was a good break, a nice chance to clear my head and think about where I am and where I want to go.

Things here have been great.  Gray is doing so, so much better.  It was like a switch turned and his symptoms just sort of melted away.  We will still see a rheumatolgist this summer since autoimmunes can behave that way, but for now I am just happy he is feeling better.

The bathroom remodel is still underway.  It is a slow process, but we are making progress and that is huge.

Work is, well, work.  It can be stressful and overwhelming but I am working hard to manage that and try to  keep work and home as separate as possible.  This can be hard with the work being fluid and emails coming in whenever students send them, but I am trying.

I am also really working on me.  The early years of parenting can be all encompassing and I threw myself into the mom role, and well, now I want to get to know myself again.  I am going out with friends, working on my own health and working to do small things for myself and not feel guilty.  I will say I feel a bit calmer the last few weeks, and I am hoping it gets better.  Last week I bought myself a Kindle Fire, because I wanted one.  I cannot remember the last time I did that, bought something just because I wanted to!  I love it, I can watch movies on it, read, FB, everything.  It sits on the shelf when I am on the treadmill and I can read a book while working out, and it will be helpful with the babies when we are stuck at the doctor's office or one of their siblings events.  Today I am buying a juicer.  I've wanted to add juicing to my life for awhile since I sometimes have a hard time eating.  So today, I am getting it, and then I will start juicing once a day until PT gig is over.  Then I think I will do a 5 day juice fast to get my body on track.

Things are changing, I want to be happier, healthier and I am the only one who can make that happen!

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love this update :)