Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our crazy life in a nutshell

Nuts.  We are nuts.  Our life is nuts.  Haven is allergic to nuts :)

So we have had Grayson home from school for over a week.  Boy is still busting out in wicked hives, huge giant welts across his body that itch and hurt and are hot.  He also has persistent pain in his neck, he is tired, he is not hungry, he is forgetful and more aggressive, he has lost weight, he has been falling a lot more.  He has had two sets of blood tests and an MRI...nothing.  We are frustrated since he feels so badly, and we cannot send him to school because the hives cannot be controlled and he gets so uncomfortable.  We will see the ped again next week to reassess and we are seeing the Neuro just to see if she thinks it is anything neurological.  Ugh.

I am moving along in my dissertation and it feels really good to be making progress.

We are jostling kids about in the house in an effort to have a more peaceful home.  We have also moved Finn out of our room and in with Teag and my non-sleeper has become a champion sleeper!

Feeding these kids is a major undertaking.  We buy beef by the quarter, 20 lbs of chicken at a time, 50 lbs of flour, 5 lbs of oats at least!  Today I found wild caught shrimp on sale and bought 10 lbs!  When I buy bread, I get 3-5 loaves at a time, and eggs we buy 3-5 dozen.  It is crazy!  I am thankful that I found great resources for good, wholesome, real natural and organic foods when our family was smaller, it has made this so much easier on us.

Tomorrow I need to take Finny to get his first pair of shoes.  The little man is walking really well, and I like to keep shoes off of them as long as possible, but he is starting to want to walk when we are out so I need to cover his toes.  I cannot believe he is almost 15 months old!

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