Monday, December 12, 2011

What a week of ups and downs!

Oh last week, you were a bear to deal with!  It started with one of our blow up decorations being stolen on Monday night, then two days of horrific rain, one kid's bus hitting a mailbox, another kid's basketball game and then Thursday night the people came back and stole our awesome Santa plane and in the process destroyed almost everything else.  Poor kids were destroyed Friday morning.  We pulled it together the best we could, I gathered what we could save and moved it and then headed out to get the groceries for a get together we were having Saturday.

I stayed up all night Friday to keep an eye on things so that the kids would not have to wake up to something upsetting again.  Thankfully nothing happened and Saturday we went to the pancake breakfast at the kid's school, which we do every year, and then came home and cooked and cleaned and prepped for the party that night.  Time came and guests arrived and the yucky stuff from the earlier days disappeared as kids had fun with friends, ate tons of sweets and had a blast.  The adults all seemed to have fun too and after everyone left we all collapsed into bed!  Sunday was quiet, we cleaned up some more and basically hung around the house to recover from all that fun.  Around dinner the doorbell rang and out next door neighbors were there with four HUGE blowups that they no longer used.  My kids were thrilled and I was so touched.  It was so sweet to bring them over and the kids felt so loved and we were able to tell them again that while there are terrible, Grinchy people in the world, we choose to surround ourselves with amazing, kind and wonderful people and that is what the holidays are about.  So thankful for the kindness of friends for lifting my children's spirits!

Today was quiet.  Britt had a sore throat and stayed home andFinn had his first day of therapy. It went really well, he was cooperative and seemed to react well to the therapist.  Today was educational therapy, basically we are working on communication and cognitive skills, tomorrow the physical therapist will come and I think she will be thrilled to see some of the skills Finn has been working on.  We are so thankful for access to excellent doctors, services and support through this whole process.  Finn is such an amazing little boy, he is so determined and that overrides the limitations his condition provides.  We watch him work daily to fight against the weak muscles or poor coordination to get that toy or climb up that item, etc.  He will not be held back, and that is amazing to watch.

Today, today is a good day.

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