Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A disaster of epic proportions

I had a bright idea.  I thought we could load the kids up on Monday and head up to a few areas in West Virginia to see if any of the houses I saw online would be a good fit for our family.  I also wanted to see how the areas "felt" to us.

It started off badly and we should have stayed home, but we went anyway leaving late.  That meant we got to WV late, and stopped for lunch late, and the place was reaaaaaaaally slow, and the kids were restless and well, we should have come home, but we pressed on.  Then the houses sucked.  Well they were beautiful big houses on huge lots, but they were on the side of a mountain...not ideal for our needs.  Then we almost ran out of gas in my huge van in the middle of nowhere.  Disaster.

So we have come up with a different plan to look for houses and I think this is a better idea.  Hopefully within a year we will own new land and be on our way to building our dream home!

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