Monday, August 27, 2012

I totally slacked

and didn't post in Gray's birthday last week....he turned 8!  The thing is, the week was crazy busy and his actual birthday was the busiest of them all, and well, the post got away from me.  However, he did have a great birthday.  He got the presents he wanted, and we loved on him as much as he would allow (side hugs only these days).  He chose his dinner and his Dad even worked from home so he could hang out with us.  See, I also know he wouldn't be upset this post is a little late since he told me, "Don't worry Mom, it isn't your fault" when not one, but TWO of the cakes I made for him would not come out of the pans, although I am not too sure whose fault it was then if not mine :)  Thankfully, third time (and a new recipe) was the charm and he got his wish...a chocolate cake with a Biscoff cookie spread filling, topped with chocolate ganache and mini chips.  Yes he is a chocolate fiend, and yes that is just one of the many things I love about him.  He still gives great hugs and kisses, he is the sweetest big brother to the babies, he is funny, silly and super creative.  He answers me with "I would love to" when I ask him to complete a chore and he is totally NOT a morning person, which I relate to.  He is our kid in the middle, oldest son and best all around big boy and our world is full of silly, crazy, chatter with our Gray around.  Sorry for the late post Gray, but thank you for being such a special and amazing son, brother and kid, we love you!!

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