Monday, August 13, 2012

Best bedtime routine

Teagan and Finn have the funniest bedtime routine ever, and we do it for nap and bedtime everyday.  It starts with me rocking them both in the rocker. I sing Edelweiss and Castle on a Cloud, and sometime Finn either nurses or has a bottle.  When I am about 75% of the way through Castle, they both jump off my lap and run to Teagan's crib.  I put them both in and Teagan lays down and gets her blanket on.  Finn then makes every stuffed animal kiss each other goodnight, and there are  at least 10 stuffed animals.  Then he proceeds to jump up and down for a few minutes, bouncing Teagan around who thinks it is hysterical.  Then he will give her a hug and a kiss and I will put him in his crib.  He then hands me his pillow, lays down, gets up and sticks his hand out for his pillow, we put it back, he lays down again and they go to sleep.  Oh, and her bed is packed with dolls, stuffed animals and blankets.  Finn has two blankets and his little crib pillow.  He throws anything else we put in there out!  They are funny :)

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