Monday, January 14, 2013

Holding my breath

Most parents can relate to those days where, like a miracle, it is all going right.  That is today.  The older kids all got off to school with no arguing, no issues, just smiles as they left.  The littles were good all morning and let me get things done like work and laundry.  I have dinner cooking away, the BEST spiced chicken that my family loves, slow cooks all day long and is healthy to boot and I made a heap of kale chips that I really enjoy snacking on and keep me on track.  It can easily end at any moment, and that is why I am holding my breath.  I still have post nap babies to contend with, and crabby just home from school kids.  A work call at 3:30. homework, dinner and bedtime.  It could end at any moment I know, but for the moment I am holding my breath and enjoying.

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